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Nicholas Tchkotoua


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This passionate story of love between a Georgian man and a Russian woman skilfully displays the spirituality of someone falling in love 'for the first time and the last time in my life.' It is also the first ever internationally published novel written by a Georgian.

Prince Shota d'Iberio of Georgia returns to his country after an education abroad to find himself swept away, not only by the staggering beauty of his snow-capped homeland, but also the Russian Princess Taya. Their love is a stirring allegory of youth set in the last years of the 19th century. The action moves between Paris, Tbilisi, Davos, and the remote Caucasus mountains, while asking that important question of love - is its first taste indeed 'timeless?'

200 pp

8 bw photos / 1 map

ISBN 978-09559145-1-5

"I know of nothing quite like this book in contemporary literature... Any reader who can come to it in a few quiet hours will find that it casts a spell which is difficult to break."

Alfred Noyes