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Be My Guest
Anna Saldadze and David Gigauri


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This exquisitely photographed art-cookbook is the finest illustration yet of Georgia's unique cuisine. Containing not only a full range of luscious recipes as presented by Georgia's more famous expatriates, it also guides potential hosts in the sophisticated techniques of charming the guest, wherever encountered across the globe. Through stunning images of ingredients, main courses, deserts, sauces, cocktails, as well as anecdotes and article extracts, we are taken to the table of General Pyotr Bagration, in 19th century Russia; the New York kitchen of George Balanchine (founder of the New York City Ballet); the high society night club of Giorgi Tchitchinadze in Manhattan, and many others. Unlike other cookbooks it also addresses the important but much neglected art of table philosophy - revived in an elegant essay on Tamadism (toast-making). To compliment the wonderful arrays of food it describes how the tamada evokes the spirit of Proust and Descartes in a way 'that is uttered, shared and drunk with friends. Not an authoritarian speech, not advertising or non-committal chat, but rather the authentic logos which invites us to converse and search for meaning in the apparently most obvious things.'

128pp / hardback / full colour'

32 delicious Georgian recipes

Stories, articles, table art, philosophy

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ISBN 9789941158797

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‘Every Georgian dish is a Poem’.

Alexander Pushkin