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‘Twenty-Five Years in the Caucasus’
by Arnold Zisserman


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Twenty-Five Years in the Caucasus, 1842-67, issued in 2018, is the first and only translation of Arnold Zisserman's uniquely perceptive and rewarding Russian text, enhanced by an Introduction, maps, numerous period illustrations, appendixes and notes, ensuring that the reader can fully appreciate the far-ranging author's travels, adventures, achievements and insights.

At age 17 Arnold Zisserman left Russia for Georgia, and embarked on a career of unrivaled interest and achievement. From a humble clerkship in a government department, he rose rapidly, becoming assistant administrator of a Georgian province, police chief of a war-torn region of Dagestan, confidant of the Viceroy and finally a field officer in the army fighting the Muslim rebels. His memoirs form a rich and unique historical, cultural and ethnographic account of an exotic region during an exciting period.

ISBN 9780991423224

362 pp / 10x7x1 inches

B/W, maps, illustrations, appendixes

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‘A fascinating and wonderfully readable memoir complemented by period illustrations, maps, a time-line, appendixes and notes. Zisserman’s eye for detail gives us extraordinary insights into the lives not only of Russians from Viceroy Vorontsov on down to lowly lieutenants on the Lezgin Line, but also of provincial Georgian nobles, Armenian merchants and Caucasia’s toiling clerks and peasants. In all, a rich and entertaining addition to the few sources on life in mid-19th century Caucasus.’

Stephen Jones

Professor of Russian and Eurasian Studies, Mount Holyoke College, MA