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Excursions in the Caucasus
Mme Carla Serena


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A real gem: Carla Serena's Excursions in the Caucasus, 1875-1881 reveals both an ethnographic and artistic sensibility. Meeting with peasants, inn-keepers, princesses and governors, she provides a fascinating detail on the vast spectrum of life among Georgians Armenians, Greeks and Tartars living in this small, relatively unexplored territory of the Russian empire. The multiple illustrations, taken from her own photographs, are extraordinary. Peter Skinner’s notes and annotations are a splendid accompaniment, providing contest and quirky detail on this truly unusual woman exploring a world just beginning to emerge on the European horizon.

Professor Stephen F. Jones (Mt Holyoke Collage, MA)

208 pp / paperback

120 b/w illustrations

5 maps, two full color

Size: 8.5 x 11 inches

ISBN 9780991423217

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‘Carla Serena’s astonishing, courageous, unusual and ground-breaking travels, has enabled a remarkable record of people, buildings, customs and nature at a time when such journeys were unusual for western travellers, particularly women, in terms of food, sanitation and personal safely.’

Laurence Kelly

(author of ‘Lermontov, Tragedy in the Caucasus’)