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The Caucasus, from Elbrus to Ararat
Richard Baerug


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This is the latest from Svaneti entrepreneur, skier and hiker, founder of the Grand Hotel Ushba, Richard Baerug. This time he takes us on a journey that people used to do freely in the Soviet Union - and before. The kind many of us would like to do today, but borders and politics make it harder. Starting on the top of Europe's highest mountain, Elbruz, then following a hiker's instinct south, we are offered a variety of routes, including a splendid detour east to Tusheti, before crossing into Armenia, then finally Turkey and Ararat. All its superb photos are taken by Richard, sprinkled with historical anecdotes, maps and directions for those who want to follow in his footsteps. A hefty volume worth every gram of its rich and often, rarely trod information - whose visuals do the dramatic Caucasus mountains the justice they deserve.

448 pp / full colour / 2023

81 detailed maps, GPS co-ordinates

Size: 145 mm x 215 mm

Weight: 720 g

818 photographs and illustrations

ISBN 978-9934-23-933-5

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'Happy hiking!'

Richard Baerug
- from the book's Introduction