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‘Dark Wings 1, Angel’
by Katie Ruth Davies


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Dark Wings 1, Angel
"I'm 16. I live in Georgia. My mum dumped us when I was a kid. Me and my brother are being brought up by an absentee father, a driver-cum-bodyguard and a cook obsessed with borscht. Oh, and I have a Guardian Angel who only I can see. Just a normal life? Yeah. Until a family of demons comes to town..."

Author profile

Born in the UK in 1981, Katie lived and taught in Spain, the UK and New Zealand, finally finding her heart and home in the South Caucasus country of Georgia. She's the author of the Blood Omen Saga and the Dark Wings series, the Editor-in-Chief of Georgia's leading English language newspaper and the Literary Program Manager at the annual VampFest (the International Vampire Film & Arts Festival) in Transylvania. Katie says: "One morning, late January 2005, I woke up with the memory of a dream burning through me, along with the pull to write it down: me, sitting up in bed in my childhood room, nighttime, the window open. I could see the silhouette of a male vampire sitting at the window- one foot resting on the sill and an elbow resting casually on his knee, watching me in silence. That powerful image of him sitting there- dark, mysterious, dangerous and attractive- was totally irresistible and drove me straight to the computer. I decided his name was Elias. And so the first character in my Blood Omen Saga was born and my career as a writer began..."

291 pp / paperback / 140x200 mm

ISBN 9789941461736

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‘This author's writing changed my daughter's life!’

Dato Turashvili

Georgian novelist, playwright and script writer