MTA Publications

The Caucasus, from Elbrus to Ararat
by Richard Baerug

Character in Georgia
by Aka Morchiladze with Peter Nasmyth

SVANETI, the Essense of the Caucasus
by Richard Bærug

Twenty-Five Years in the Caucasus
by Arnold Zisserman

Dark Wings 1, Angel
by Katie Ruth Davies

The Knight in the Panther Skin - Shota Rustaveli
Translated by Lyn Coffin

Excursions in the

by Mme Carla Serena

Literature and
Landscape in East Devon

by Peter Nasmyth

Georgia The Land
Below the Caucasus

by Peter F. Skinner

Be My Guest
by Anna Saldadze
and David Gigauri

The Lure of the

by Edna Fortescue

Who Am I Today?
by Peter Nasmyth

by Giya Kancheli

Songbook 2
by Giya Kancheli

The Art Nouveau

by Vladimir Story

Walking in the

by Peter Nasmyth

by Nicholas Tchkotoua


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